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Our singular goal is to make medical testing and treatment more convenient, affordable, accessible and psychologically comfortable for women worldwide. In view of these goals, GyneConcepts, Inc. has patented the world's first Cervical Cell Collection Device, the Privacy Pap Smear (PPS), that the patient can easily administer herself, on her own schedule, in the privacy of her own home or doctor's office. In addition to global patent coverage, the PPS is now certified with the CE Mark in the European Union as a Class 1, Non-Sterile device. Unlike current self-sampling methods on the market that collect vaginal cells only for HPV analysis, the PPS collects cervical cells that can be analyzed for cervical cytology, chlamydia, and gonorrhea as well as HPV. The PPS enhances the single most powerful weapon to defeat cervical cancer: early detection.

With early detection, cervical cancer is 100% curable. Why are efforts to screen and eliminate this cancer falling short? At GyneConcepts, we wondered: how is this possible? For over 60 years, the Pap Smear has served as a reliable early warning system for millions of women who faced the possibility of developing cervical cancer. This relatively simple screening test is credited with saving the lives of millions of women. If it is so effective, why does cervical cancer continue to threaten the lives of women? The reasons are many:

  • "It is uncomfortable…"
  • "It is inconvenient…"
  • "I cannot afford it…"
  • "I feel fine…"

GyneConcepts has developed and patented a groundbreaking device that breaks through all of these barriers by taking the Pap Smear to the next level, one that is incredibly affordable, comfortable, and convenient, providing a new way to empower women to manage their own health.

The Privacy Pap Smear (PPS)

The PPS is characterized as follows:

  • Fully Patented - #8,460,209 & 8,672,861
  • Simple, low cost 5 piece design
  • CE Mark Approved - Class 1 Non-Sterile Device
  • Production Ready
  • Proprietary Stainless Steel Molds
  • Materials & Processes are ISO &FDA certified
  • Biocompatibility Tested

This new tool allows healthcare providers to focus their time and efforts on treating women while enhancing their diagnostic spectrum. In the era of managed healthcare, GyneConcepts brings to the marketplace a lower cost option to detecting cervical cancer that promises enhanced diagnostic results and improved efficiencies in the delivery of women's healthcare.

GyneConcepts is seeking the right partner to purchase this technology and market it to women worldwide. Are you that partner? Will you be the one?



This product is not approved for sale or use in the US.